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No one loves your baby (or is going to treat your baby better) more than you. Use our DIY detailing station to make your baby sparkle. Everyone loves a clean car, visit our perfectly situated Whitby Coin Car Wash today.


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Our Whitby Coin Car Wash is fully equipped with a Touchless Car Wash and DIY Detailing Station (Shampoo, Vacuum, Waxing, UV Protection, Mat Washer, Air Dryer). Everything you need.

Whitby Coin Car Wash

Why Should You Choose Whitby Coin Car Wash?

Whitby Coin Car Wash is a facility in Whitby, Ontario, that provides automatic car washing and full-service hand car wash and detailing. There are a number of reasons why people would love to come to Whitby Coin Car Wash for their car washing needs:

Quality Service

Not only does the customer get quality service but also good value for their money. If any equipment or machine breaks down, it will be fixed promptly so you can be assured that your vehicle is in good hands at all times. Each staff member is trained and educated about the various techniques of both automatic and full-service car wash.

Established Brands

Whitby Coin Car Wash is a service provider that only uses well-known name-brand equipment! How much does it cost to maintain these brands? The monthly fee alone for just one brand is $500+, but Whitby Coin Car Wash provides all those at an affordable price to benefit their customers.

Convenient Location

Whitby Coin Car Wash is located at 847 Dundas Street West, Whitby, Ontario. This means that no matter where you live in Whitby, there will always be a Whitby Coin Car Wash location right near your home or workplace, so you can get your car washed anytime!

Environment Friendly

Whitby Coin Car Wash provides an environment-friendly service for washing cars. We use phosphate-free soap and recycle all our water, which saves cost for both the customer and us while protecting Mother Earth from harmful chemicals that can damage her. We strive to give our customers the best service while caring for our environment.

So what are you waiting for? Why not get your car washed today? See you soon!

How We Work

All You Need to Know About Car Wash and Car Detailing Services

As automobile technology develops, cars also follow the trend of fast-moving technological development. Cars are not just considered everyday commuting tools anymore, but they have become more like fashion accessories for people around the globe.

After purchasing this incredible machine, you should consider some essential tips on appropriately taking care of it for its maximum lifespan and total usage. One of the most critical points that many car owners overlook will be responsible for your vehicle’s safety and keeping its top-grade appearance: car washing!

Of course, getting rid of dirt and grime on your car will always be a part of the regular maintenance checklist, yet many people fail to find the time or don’t think it’s an urgent issue to fix. On the other hand, some people are very keen on keeping their car clean but don’t know-how.

What is a Car Wash?

A car wash is cleaning an automobile with integrated spraying water, washing products, and high-pressure air. Depending on your definition, it may include manual routines done by hand before or after using the automatic equipment.

The chemicals remove dirt from exterior surfaces and improve your vehicle’s paint’s overall appearance and protection. From appearing dull and chalky to shining like new, chemical washes do wonders for automotive finishes.

However, you should not confuse a car wash with a touchless automatic car wash: they’re entirely different methods to clean automobiles. At a car wash, employees utilize brushes and cloths and various products such as soaps and waxes. At a touchless car wash, the vehicles are cleaned by high-pressure sprayers and dryers (that do not physically touch the car.)

Although these two methods both clean cars, there is one big difference: you never put your hands on your vehicle on a Car Wash, whereas at an automatic Touchless Car Wash, you do not use physical brushes to clean your car.

How to Check if Your Car Needs to Be Washed?

Most people like to keep their cars in pristine condition. This is especially true in the case of expensive vehicles, which are typically well looked after due to the cost involved in maintaining them.

However, it seems that this desire to keep our cars clean can sometimes mean that we wash them when they don’t need it – with some drivers spending so much every year unnecessarily cleaning their vehicle.

While washing your vehicle at home may seem like a cheaper alternative than getting your car cleaned elsewhere, most consumers overestimate how clean their current level of dirt will get with just one wash.

This can be especially true if you use environmentally friendly soap or shampoo, which will not remove as many contaminants from your car’s exterior paintwork. This means that even though you may feel like your car needs a wash, it could benefit from being left alone to let the dirt drop off naturally first.

How dirty is too dirty?

While there are no hard and fast rules to tell whether your vehicle needs a quick wash or should be left until later, a straightforward method is checking how visible the dirt is on your vehicle’s bodywork to determine just how clean it should be before being washed again.

If you have difficulty seeing any of the dirt because it has become too ingrained into the surface of the bodywork, it could mean that your car doesn’t need a wash just yet and can do without two or three goes at it with soap and water.

Another easy way to tell whether your vehicle needs washing is to notice whether the wipers are beginning to lift off your windscreen when turned on. This will typically only happen if there is a significant amount of dirt built upon them.

It would be best if you gave those bad boys a good rub down before turning them back on again, as the washing fluid will no longer be able to wipe away any contaminants from the glass.

When it comes to actually getting out there for a good clean, don’t bother wasting time trying to scrub off all of the compacted dirt in one go – it simply won’t work. Instead, use a bucket of water mixed with some washing liquid to rid your car bodywork of the topmost layers of contaminants before hosing off and leaving it to dry naturally.

Although this may seem like the most challenging method possible for dealing with dirt on your car’s exterior paintwork, you will find that after just one or two washes, it gets easier as the layers become less stubborn. 

Any remaining marks can be dealt with using specially formulated cleaners, polishes designed to remove more stubborn stains from salt, brake dust, or tree sap.

How to Take Care of your Car's Body?

Car Washing Procedures and How to Save Money

Many things determine how much your final bill is going to be. One of them is what procedure your chosen business performs when washing your vehicle. Here are some of the most popular options:

Dry Wash: This is a completely dry car wash that offers great attractiveness and price results. However, water spots may occur when using this type of service, so you must invest in waxing.

Rinse & Vacuum: If you do not want any chemical or lubricant residue left on your paint job, investing in a rinse and vacuum procedure might be the best option for your needs. Numerous companies provide such services at affordable rates.

High-Pressure Wash: This is one of the most popular procedures used by car washes today. It makes use of high-pressure nozzles that rinse your vehicle down to the last speck of dust. You need to note that if your car has an exceptionally dirty paint job, they may opt not to use this technique.

Foam Wash: The foam wash procedure is performed using a special shampoo that helps remove dirt and grime easily.

Chrome Polish: If your car’s chrome suffers from oxidation or other damage, investing in professional chrome polishing services can help fix these issues fast. Chrome polishes are also crucial for luxury vehicles as they provide them with that extra shine.

Car Wash Products

Another factor determining how much you will spend on car washing is the type of products and lubricants used. The more chemical residue left on your car, the better chance you have to re-paint it. That is why investing in soft brushes over jet nozzles can save your wallet a lot of money!

When shopping around, look at what products are used and see any coupons available online. Here are some popular options:

Wax: A premium waxing service will help repel dirt and grime from your vehicle for months, provided that you wash it regularly. For best results, aim for companies that offer this procedure at least once per month.

Detergents: High-quality detergents are made to avoid leaving chemical residue on the surface of your vehicle. Instead, they use special lubricants that help repel dust and other particles for months! This is why investing in a genuinely high-quality car washing service provides you with the utmost value.

Don’t Play The Price Game!

One of the biggest mistakes customers make when shopping for car washes is playing the price game. Too many people only look at what service will give them the cheapest deal without looking more closely into how much these services indeed cost.


When deciding between your options, take some time to compare their offered products and procedures carefully before making your final choice.

When Should You Go to a Car Wash Service?

The best time to clean the car is when it still has dirt stuck in various parts of its exterior. If you plan to have your vehicle cleaned by professionals, this would be the right time to do so.

This way, they can thoroughly see each nook and cranny of your car. They will ensure that every part, even those hard-to-reach areas like bumpers and wheel wells, will be designed and checked upon.

Maybe you want some advice on how often should you take your car for a wash? Some people think that once a week is enough while some go as long as three months without cleaning their vehicles! To put things into perspective, an average household (4 members) requires a fuel capacity of 2.6 gallons to be going for at least three months without a car wash.

Make it a habit to have your car run through a car wash service, especially if you live in places where company cars are the norm, and public transport is only an option. This way, you can save up on some cash from fuel costs and time from having to go through the hassle of waiting at the bus stop or walking from home to work every day.

No matter what kind of vehicle you own, there will always come the point when its exterior starts looking dirtier than usual.

Whether it’s because you’ve been running errands all week long, going through muddy unpaved roads, or simply because you ran out of time before going on a weekend getaway, your car is starting to look like it did when you first got it. This would be the perfect time for a bit of touch of shine and sparkle!

Take note that you wouldn’t want to wash your car right before going out on a long trip. We all know how dirty cars get while on the road, and if there’s one thing we can avoid by having them cleaned right beforehand, it’s dirt getting stuck in every surface of our vehicle.

It also helps if you have made prior arrangements with your trusted auto detailing service so they can have your car fully serviced upon arrival at the shop.

So what are you waiting for? Sit back in your easy chair and let professionals take care of your car for once! And if you are worried about the costs involved, why not consider taking advantage of your high school or college student’s talent in doing chores? Perhaps they would be willing to pay for their education by giving their hard-earned money to you?

One way or another, get that dirty piece of machinery some TLC. You can never have enough sprucing up for an automobile, especially after it has been put through so much over time!

The Benefits of Getting A Car Wash

Do you know the benefits that can come from a car wash?

Here are just seven reasons you should have your car washed regularly, whether by hand or machine.

1. It’s better for your car

Having dirt and grime removed from the surface of your car is excellent for the paintwork as this kind of build-up can lead to corrosion on metallic parts, especially around the chassis area – not good!

Washing helps protect your investment, keeping it looking newer for longer and preventing rust spots from forming on those parts where water collects – such as door sills, hinges, and boot lids.

2. It’s better for the environment

If you drive your car regularly, adding up all those short journeys can damage the environment. Washing your car at least once a month keeps it running efficiently and reduces emissions by ensuring that your engine is always working at its optimum level. You’ll also save on fuel costs as cars use more petrol when they are dirty!

3. It helps keep harmful dirt off your paintwork

Many things are floating around in the air these days, which can damage paintwork if left untreated. Pollution both inside our homes and outdoors causes thousands of tiny airborne particles which settle on cars each day.

This includes acid rain, salt deposits from winter roads, bird droppings, and industrial fallout. It’s essential to wash your car regularly to remove this dirt before it has time to settle and do some damage.

4. It looks better

There’s not much point in having a nice clean car if nobody can see it! Washing your vehicle reduces the build-up of mold, grime, and that dreaded green algae, which is all too common on cars left in dark or damp places.

Dirt also absorbs sunlight, which makes darker-colored vehicles appear dull and grey. Washing your paintwork regularly helps keep its deep lustrous shine and makes sure that any exterior adverts such as phone numbers stay legible!

5. You’ll maintain value for money

Having a dirty vehicle can make it all more difficult as potential buyers may not want to take the time to clean it before purchase if they are in a hurry. Filthy cars can also be viewed as ‘problem vehicles’ that need lots of work, further reducing their value.

A quick wash makes your car look new again, making it more desirable and easier for you to trade in when the time comes.

6. It helps prevent accidents

It’s no exaggeration to say that drivers who keep their vehicles clean are less likely to get into accidents than those who don’t, which is why insurance companies encourage regular washing.

By maintaining good visibility through your windscreen and windows, not only do you improve safety, but you’ll avoid any costly repairs following an accident with another car or building, etc.

7. It saves time

Okay, so this one is a bit of a no-brainer, but it’s surprising how many people put off washing their car because they don’t have the time to spare. Fortunately, car washes provide professional cleaning solutions for those who have busy schedules, and these days you can even wash your car from right inside your own home with mobile services!

Whatever you do, though, make sure that you take the necessary time out to give your vehicle the treatment it deserves at least once or twice every month – not only will it thank you for it, but all of us on the road will be safer as well!

How Do Car Wash Services Take Care of Your Vehicle?

Have you ever wondered how those car wash services work? Although there is a variety of those types of services nowadays, it’s undoubtedly not just about merely cleaning your car. Here are the different steps they will do before handing over your vehicle to you, cleaned and shiny as new!

  1. Wash – The first thing they will do is put soapy water on the vehicle’s exterior surface. That includes its rims and tires, too! 
  2. Rinse – After washing it off with plain water, now they’ll spray high-pressure hot or cold pressure washers to remove any excess soap residue still left, making sure that no dirt remains on it at all!
  3. Clay – Car wash companies use a special type of clay that acts as a magnet to remove anything that sticks on the exterior surface. 
  4. Polish – The next step they’ll do is dry the car with cloth, then polishing it using a machine polisher for an extra shine! 
  5. Wheels – Next thing they will focus on is your car’s wheels, which are also cleaned and polished so they can look their best! They employ wheel brighteners to remove any brake dust or dirt sticking to them. Then, they finish off by spraying wheel sealant, making sure no more dirt will attach to your wheels after every drive you take!
  6. Clean windows – Cleaning windows is not that easy, but this service includes vacuuming the interior and wiping down the exterior surfaces, too!
  7. Clean Exterior – This step is another important factor, and they not only wipe the surface and body of the car but also make sure that everything like mudflaps and trunk emblems is scrubbed clean as well! 
  8. Wipe Interior – Another good thing about these services is that they will check every nook and cranny beforehand over their clients’ cars to ensure it’s free from debris or dirt. They’ll dust dashboard vents using their polishing brush, vacuum all floor mats, wipe off the steering wheel, and even more!
  9. Protectant – Finally, after finishing up on each section of your car, they will apply protectants at specific areas from UV rays from the sun and avoid any surfaces becoming dangerously slippery.
  10. Handover – After everything they’ve done for your car, they will now hand it over to you clean and shiny as new!

So what services did you think of? These professional car washers will do lots of things to deliver good customer service. Now that’s something worth trying!

Different Types of Car Wash Services

How many times have you left your car at a car wash service? You always get to see them clean it but did you ever ask what kind of services they do on the inside? Here are some tips from an expert on what services to expect when you go to a car wash service.

One thing that most people would not know is that there are different kinds of car wash services. And since they are all unique in their way, they can find something that perfectly suits their needs. Several types will be discussed in the following paragraphs below.

Vertical High-Pressure Washers with Foam Brush

This type uses high-pressure water and foam brush which was the first choice of the car wash service. This is because it can clean cars thoroughly in just a few minutes, making it easier and faster compared to other types.

Wheel Rim Cleaners

It cleans wheel rims by scrubbing them with brushes or pads attached to wheel cleaning equipment. It is also another choice because it only takes less than one minute to do its job, which makes it fast and easy at the same time.

Manual Washing

This type is the oldest form of washing that people have used since the olden days, where they still use manual tools like buckets, sponges, mops, and others to get the dirt out.

High Speed Automatic

This type uses equipment that rotates brushes to quickly get rid of dirt and grime from the surface of your car. This is definitely what you should look for when you’re in a hurry because it only takes five minutes to get your vehicle sparkling clean.

The Complete Cleaning System

This service cleans the outside and the inside parts such as the steering wheel, dashboard, and interior plastics. It washes windows inside out with special chemicals which can kill bacteria quickly without leaving any residue. It also uses clean air to dry the whole car so that it won’t be wet once you arrive.

What is Car Detailing?

A car is a significant investment for anybody. This is because it costs a lot to maintain and keep your vehicle in its best condition. Like most people, you probably keep your car clean and don’t allow it to get any scratches or dents.

However, there may be times when your vehicle may need some repairs or refinishing, which could be as simple as waxing and polishing the exterior parts such as the bumper, hood, roof rack, and other external parts.

When these small paint jobs don’t work anymore, you take the whole body for a complete detailing. Detailing means cleaning all those parts which can’t be seen up close and do not require minor repair jobs. Your car’s outside is usually the most neglected part when it comes to cleaning.

You know that time when you were going somewhere important, and your car had a mysterious object on its windshield? I bet a lot of people have had this problem before. And most would probably agree to have experienced this several times before in their lifetime.

In addition, waxing and polishing can be pretty exhausting, especially if you are not updated with the latest products in the market. This only means that detailing requires a lot more effort for it to be done correctly.

Also, some cars need detailing more often than others because these vehicles are exposed to constant wear and tear or harsh weather conditions such as rain or snow, which eats away the paint finish even faster than other vehicles.

The bottom line is, detailing requires a lot more effort for it to be done correctly. However, the returns are far more significant, so don’t think twice about using your hard-earned money on this service if you plan to have the extra mile in caring for your car.

You will gain trust and respect from other people once they see what you have for yourself for them, not having to do anything but only pay and wait. So here’s what you can expect with car detailing:

Complete exterior cleaning

This means all those parts that the naked eye cannot see, such as the door hinges, window seals, and moldings, require complete removal and then cleaning afterward.

This is similar to washing your car, but you need to be more thorough this time. Remove everything outside, including the windshield wipers and headlight lenses, among others. After cleaning, make sure that you dry your car completely before reassembling it.

Buffing of paint surfaces

Buffing is one way to clean your car’s paint job much better. This requires a lot of attention because it needs special attention regarding polishing buffers and other equipment, which can cause damage to your vehicle if not handled carefully.

The professional will probably use compound cleaners for this job then polish afterward using high-quality wax or even sealants to protect against saltwater frosts or acidic rainwater. Remember that this is just an example, so several types of detailing are done with different variations and processes.

Engine cleaning and waxing

If you do not think that your car’s outside requires detailing, you should probably start thinking otherwise because its engine parts also need a little TLC. There are different types of equipment and tools used for this process, so you should discuss the details with the one doing it to avoid future problems or even accidents from happening to your vehicle.

Make sure that no chemicals seep into any crevice as these might cause problems later on down the road after they have been exposed to heat from your engine. Causing damage to its surface finish or causing corrosion in some areas where this was not expected.

Interior detailing

This means removing all those fabrics, mats or footrests, seats, and other items in the car’s interior which can be washed or vacuumed for a thorough cleaning.

Your car’s upholstery may also need to be deep cleaned this time because oil from the skin seeps through it after prolonged exposure to heat inside your vehicle, especially during the summer season, which causes musty smelling interiors.

This is where detailing comes in with using special chemicals for spot treatment or thoroughly washing everything, including leather or plastic surfaces that require special attention.

So now you know what exactly car detailing is, but you still might find yourself asking why bother?

Well here are some points which you should consider before dismissing the idea of having your car detailed:

Valuable investment for something that will last longer than expected

This means that the more you take care of your car, the better it will be. Detailing is one way of increasing its value after a couple of years or even months. This service is not that cheap if you want to have someone do this for you at home with all those special chemicals and equipment available for professional use.

So why bother spending money on something which you can accomplish by yourself? It’s simple; knowing precisely the results of proper detailing will make you understand why people would choose to pamper their vehicle, especially when they have spent a lot to have it brand new in the first place.

Improved appearance

Your car is practically an extension of your personality, so people tend to judge others based on how clean their car looks. It can be very embarrassing to find out that your car is the dirtiest on the block despite being brand new, especially if you are ready to show it off to your friends or even clients after weeks of purchase.

Because everyone has different standards, ask yourself what the reason why should I detail my car? What type of detailing service do I need? How should I go about it without spending too much money on something which might not even be worth doing at all?

If you cannot answer these questions, you should first read some articles online before deciding whether this is really for you or not.


Yes, there might be initial expenses involved when dealing with professional services regarding car detailing due to rental fees for equipment and chemicals, not to mention the labor cost.

However, you can save up if you can learn how to save money, especially on car detailing equipment that you can purchase for personal use without the need to pay someone else to do it for you.

This will be a long-term investment on your part, but at least there is a chance that the initial expenses may have been worth it, depending on how much labor or service fees you would have otherwise paid to get this done.

No more worries about looking dirty

Of course, nobody wants their car to look filthy, especially if they want other people who appreciate beautifully maintained vehicles to notice them immediately when they pass by.

Having a clean car means having something that is highly presentable and professional every time and anywhere you go, so this is good for business as well. This can be a great advantage to those who are always on the go, especially if they are businessmen or professionals of some sort.


Cleaning your car ensures that all safety features are working correctly because these include wipers, lights, tires, brakes, mirrors, etc. You might not think of it, but these things can get dirty too, which means you need to maintain their cleanliness even if you have to bring your vehicle back to its showroom condition every single day before getting on the road again.

Remember that these items play an essential role in ensuring that everyone reaches their destination safely, which is why thorough cleaning must take place regularly as part of a routine.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, when it comes to detailing your car regularly because there are many other reasons not mentioned here that you have to discover for yourself if you want even to touch the surface on how this type of service can help you out in more ways than one.

If you cannot work on your own, maybe turning over some things to professionals will do good for your car’s appearance and functionality, especially if you want something within your means.

Detailing might be an alien term for most folks, but this type of service is very much possible provided that they find someone who knows what they are doing and has been doing this kind of work for a long time already.

Cleaning a car might be easy for most people, but details are something else, especially if they have been driving their vehicles non-stop without ever getting any rest regarding its upkeep.

Detailing can be as simple as using soap and water, or it can also go as far as making your car look as good as brand new again, which is why you need professionals who know what they are doing to get the best results possible.

If you want someone who will clean your vehicle from head to toe and offer advice on how you can maintain it properly afterward, then make sure that these companies provide small packages throughout the year instead of this being limited during certain seasons due to high demand.

Remember that these professionals are patient and very meticulous with their work, which means they will never leave your car looking less than perfect without realizing it themselves.

If you want the job done right, do not think twice about hiring someone who can provide you with detailed results regarding keeping your vehicle in tiptop shape by using little or no money at all if you wish to learn how this works for yourself eventually.

How to Look for the Best Car Wash and Car Detailing Service in Whitby?

Finding the right car wash and car detailing in Whitby can be a difficult task. There are so many options, how do you know which one is the best? This is an important question because if you want to keep your car looking new, you will need to find a reliable washing service.

You also want to be sure that this service does not cause any damage to the body of the car itself. Your vehicle’s body may already have some minor scratches and dents, so you must use a reliable service when cleaning your vehicle.

Whitby car wash range from hand washes with rags and buckets of water, automated touchless machines, foam baths, full-service shops where attendants clean every inch of your vehicle, and even those who will do a cleaning and additional service when you have your oil changed.

The first thing to consider is what type of car wash services can your vehicle handle? Some vehicles have extremely delicate finishes, so it would be better to go with a full-service car wash rather than a hand car wash or touchless service.

Finding the right car wash in Whitby is not always easy. Looking carefully at the different car washes, some have a great location, but their car wash isn’t up to par. If you want your investment to last for as long as possible, please consider the following things before choosing a car wash.

1. Environmentally Preferable Product

When looking for a place that will suit your needs, it’s best if they use an environmentally preferable product instead of harsh chemicals since these can damage your vehicle’s paint or cause other issues down the line. Look for this label on the bottle, so you know they only use quality stuff.

2. Soft Water

There is nothing harsher than having hard water run onto your paint, which can cause damage to the surface layer. With soft water (less than 4 grains/gallon), you will notice a significant difference in how your car looks and feels after it is washed.

3. Good Equipment

No one wants to watch their car wash get pulled around on a piece of string, so make sure they have equipment that properly washes cars. Also, is the vehicle placed under a cover, and is there ample room for all vehicles?

A big turnoff is when they put your vehicle too close to another, so you might not be able to see what’s going on inside. These little things add up.

4. Proper Drainage

Having no drainage plan for runoff water is just asking for trouble because this could harm the environment through storm sewers. If you want to feel good about your investment, then make sure they have proper drainage, so all dirty or soapy water is adequately filtered and treated before entering our lakes and streams.

5. Convenience and Courtesy

If you are in a rush, can you rely on them to get your car back at the promised time? Also, do they provide good customer service? Staff have that smile and greet people as they come in or out? These things matter when it comes to making an impression on customers.

They also learned how many nozzles there should be for efficient cleaning. One nozzle just doesn’t cut it anymore! Lastly, having vacuums available for customers to use after the wash is a nice touch.

Other things you should keep in mind:

How long has this company been around?

If they’re not established, how long have they been operating at the location where you choose to get your car washed? You also want to look into their customer base and track record. Talk with people who have used this service and find out if they were pleased with the results.

How does it cost?

Be sure to check the rates and compare them with other car washes in Whitby, Ontario. What is included in the price? Some places offer additional services for a small fee, but be aware that you don’t want to pay more than your particular washing service charges to have another service tacked on that you may not need.

Is there an unlimited number of times that I can come back for free?

This is important if you live someplace where cars are frequently dirty due to weather conditions or cannot be washed often because of lack of storage space. There are carwashes in Whitby, Ontario, which allow customers to come back as many times as they like for free, but you want to make sure that the offer is available at all locations for this company.

What types of products do they use?

Some carwashes in Whitby, Ontario, may not be using environmentally safe cleaning substances. Find out what types of washes are used for each customer and any guarantees of the kind of chemicals that will be used. You don’t want to take a chance with your car’s finish by exposing it to harsh chemicals if you can help it.

Are there other services offered at this location?

This is also important because some places perform additional services such as waxing or buffing your windows too. Keep track of what other services are available for your car. You may need them in the future, or you may not, but this is an excellent way to save money when having your car washed in Whitby.

How often can I come back?

Some places allow customers to visit multiple times per week, while others adhere to a more traditional schedule with specific days of the week for certain types of cars. Before choosing a place, know how many visits they will allow before charging additional fees.

What type of equipment do they use?

This is extremely important because there are all kinds of different equipment out on the market today. Some are designed specifically for touchless car washes, while others are used for regular hand washes and foam baths. You want to ensure that your car can be washed with the equipment used at this location; otherwise, you risk ruining the finish.

If you follow these tips, you should choose a durable and reputable place where your car will be in good hands when it comes time to clean your vehicle!

1. Step 1

Dirty Car Alert

You can try your hardest, and for a long time, you may succeed, but eventually, your car will need a clean. Come in immediately when you notice your car is dirty!

2. Step 2

Effortless Car Wash

Using our state-of-the-art Whitby car washing facility, we will service your car and restore its jaw-dropping glory exactly the way it came out of the dealership (as close to it as possible)!

3. Step 3

Quick Detail

Now it is time to perfect the clean. By utilizing our easy-to-use DIY car detailing station, you will be able to beautify your car inside and out.

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