847 Dundas Street West

Serving Whitby

Whitby Coin-Operated Car Wash
Whitby Coin Car Wash in Whitby, Ontario, provides coin-operated and self-service car wash facilities with all of the equipment, tools, and agents you need to keep your vehicle spotless. Our service stations include a variety of accessories to assist you in cleaning your vehicle’s body, tires, and engine, such as high-quality soaps and waxes and flawless rinses.

24 HOUR Car Wash with Self-Service
Whitby Coin Car Wash provides services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our cutting-edge facilities provide nine distinct functions from which to choose. High-pressure soap and rinse, as well as clear coat and carnauba wax, are available. We also provide low-pressure engine and tires cleaning. Our dependable vehicle washing services are all you need to keep your car clean in Whitby, Ontario.

Services Offered: Car Wash, DIY Detailing Station (Shampoo, Vacuum, Waxing, UV Protection, Mat Washer, Air Dryer, touchless wash)